Inexpensive Gift Ideas

When times are tough, it becomes important to find inexpensive gift ideas. These are relatively easy to find, but before you can make use of them, especially in your family circle (if you have children), you need to explain that it’s the thought that counts and sometimes you will not always have the money to get the latest game console. When the gifts are for acquaintances, the idea is just to make sure that the gift is thoughtful.

When giving an inexpensive gift, it is a good idea to give a small card. Blank cards can be purchased for small amounts at dollar stores and at discount stores. You should put a thoughtful and personal message in the card so that the person knows how truly appreciated she or he is. A heartfelt message in a small card makes an inexpensive gift more than a token; it turns it into a kind gesture.

Some very easy and inexpensive gifts are mugs filled with candy. Not expensive mugs from department stores, but rather the mugs found at dollar stores. You can buy a bulk bag of candy, a few dollar store mugs, and a box of hot chocolate packets. If you like, you can wrap the mug in cellophane or tissue paper (also available at many dollar stores) and tie it with ribbon. Use scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon for a fancier touch. Then give the candy filled mugs as gifts with personalized and individual cards.

Another gift that can be inexpensive is to find pictures of you and the person to whom you are giving the gift. Most pictures are 4×6 or 3×5 size and inexpensive frames can usually be found to fit these (again, check the dollar store). Frame the picture and give it as a gift. This is a warm gesture that shows your friends that you treasure the times together, and that you appreciate the friendship.

Homemade gifts can also be appreciated. If you have a crafty side, make a door hanger or an ornament. If you cross stitch, make a pillow or a wall hanging. Sew a quilt or knit a stylish scarf. Handcrafts are more in vogue than they have been for a decade, and now is the time to take advantage of their popularity in the form of gift giving. Or, if you are a good cook or baker, make a dish or dessert and include the recipe. This is a gift that keeps on giving, and every time your friend uses the recipe, you will be fondly remembered. Another creative twist on the cooking or baking is to give a high quality ingredient in a good amount and then accompany it with several recipes that use that ingredient.

Inexpensive gifts do not have to be cheap looking figurines bought from a discount store or yard sale. Instead, take a few minutes to really think about something that might be thoughtful to say in a card and then accompany it with a tasteful gift. The art of giving inexpensive gifts is less about finding a great deal and more about giving with grace and warmth.